March 24, 2013

the greatest show on earth

today, we braved snowpocalypse 2013,  and took b to the circus. 
i went to the moolah shriners circus every year as a child, and i wanted to carry that tradition on with brody.  
b and the ringleader.
 b loved the clowns.  takes after his momma i guess.  
we rode an elephant. i thought he would love it...he was a little afraid!
 and rode a miniature horse, named 'cody'.  pure coincidence, that one was....
 the moolah clowns.

 our friend karen made b's circus shirt.  he was so excited to wear his 'dumbo shirt'.  
 b thought he might get a part in the circus with his balancing act!
 {momma and brody}
the elephants were b's favorite part.  (his favorite... its a new phrase.  everything is his favorite.) 
 daddy's favorite part was the bear riding a bicycle.  pretty impressive. 
i thought the tightroping tiger was the best.   
 i'm so glad we braved the snow for the show today!

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