March 23, 2013

easter egg hunt

today we attended brody's second easter egg hunt at rotary park.
 last year he wasn't quite old enough to understand what was going on.  this year... well, he thought he was a pro.  

we asked b how many eggs he was going to get... his answer?  
"all of 'em". 
he's a funny boy
b and his egg haul.  he did pretty well.
"look momma, i won a prize".  
and all the other eggs were full of tootsie rolls.  b said "mmm, candy momma".  
overall, the egg hunt was alot of fun.  we sure wish we didn't have to be so bundled up this morning, but since we are going to be getting a snowstorm tomorrow, we are okay with that.  come on spring, don't you know we are ready for you?!

all photos are iphone photos.  please excuse my terrible photogoraphy skills :)

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