March 27, 2013

spring snowpocylpse 2013

photos taken March 24, 2013
st. louis decided to welcome in spring with a blizzard.  
now, i'm game for a big snow storm (in winter)... but the first week of spring?! come on mother nature...our little family is ready for some sun, warm weather, outside play time, and prime running weather.  
the positive aspect of snowpocylpse 2013 is that brody got to wear his boots and snow suit one more time and build another snowman.  he was so sad when the last one melted away.  

 we measured 13 inches on our deck in the back yard.
 this is a record for st louis, the most inches in one single storm.  and this is the most snow we have seen since 2010.  that winter we had a lot of snow, but over the course of several days, not at one time!
apparently snow tastes good.  
   some of the snow drifts were up to b's waist!
 of course, our forecast has us in the sixties for easter weekend.  bye bye snow.  you were fun while you lasted.  bring on spring!

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