November 17, 2010

Busy Bee's

We have been keeping busy in the Loveless household over the last week.  
Walking at the park
We finally ordered our birth announcements tonight.  The proof online looks really cute.
I am excited for them to be delivered.  

I finished up and turned in my final paper for my Healthcare Policy class, and am starting to work on my final project for my Finance class.  I just need to hang in there a little bit longer.  The semester ends December 10th.  Next semester I am taking a Research class, but it doesn't start until January 18.  I am going to take advantage of those last few weeks of my maternity leave, without any classes!

Cody got a new toy today.  Just what every 30 year old needs... A remote control helicopter.
We went into JC Penney's to pick up a few things, and Cody found it on a table advertising Christmas presents and just had to have it.  He has been flying it all around the living room!

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  1. Kevin got one of these a couple years ago...I think he played with it a total of 5 times, then he broke it. Then it sat around for a year until he finally got rid of it!