September 27, 2010

In for the long haul...

Doctor's appointment today.  Apparently, I have made Brody a nice comfy home and he isn't making any indication that he is ready to move out.   My blood pressure is good, I am gaining the recommended 1 pound per week, and Brody's heart rate is in the 150s.  I have one more scheduled appointment for October 4th, so hopefully we will have some sort of progress by then.  If not, I go in October 13th for a non-stress test, which is standard once you are past your due date.  It allows them to monitor the baby's movements and heart rate for about an hour.  Hopefully, I won't last that long!

And a Belly Pic...
38 weeks, 4 days. 10 days to go.
Apparently, Cody wanted to be part of the pictures!

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