September 15, 2010

Almost 37 weeks

Had another doctors visit today.  We saw Julie, the Nurse Practitioner.  I really enjoy her, too bad she can't deliver the baby though.  It seems strange going in every week now.  My blood pressure and the baby's heart rate are doing well.  I even lost a pound this week.  Julie said the baby has dropped quite a bit since last week and has made his way into the birth canal.  Now, if we could just have some dilation going on I would be a happy girl.  She said there is a myth that it takes about 2 weeks from the time the baby drops until delivery.  Well, I guess we will find out soon enough, I go back again on Monday.  Julie said she would really like me to make it a full 39 weeks before he is born.  Two weeks sure seems like a lifetime away.  

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  1. Awesome!! Make sure you let me know when Brody gets here so we can come see Em's little boyfriend! Glad you're doing well and that things are moving along...though I'm sure you'd like it to move faster! I've had two Braxton Hicks so far, and it makes me kind of scared for the "real" pain! :)