March 31, 2014

(move it monday)

i had this big thoughtful post in mind about rest, and listening to your body, and yada yada yada... but i just couldn't get it together.  Every time i sat down to type it up, i couldn't get it to come out like it sounded in my head.  so, instead you are going to get some random thoughts on marathon training.  
I am in my last week of mileage before starting my taper.  i have already completed one 18 mile run and one 20 mile run.  these are difficult distances to run, its so mental.  especially the training.  come race day, you have excitement and adrenaline that helps alleviate a little of that.  
  i found this quote that i thought was terribly appropriate: 

"Long distance running is 90% mental and the other half is physical."
-Rich Davis

i have run more miles during the month of march, than i have in any one month for more than a year.  
I've been very proud of my training so far, and have not found it terribly difficult to keep to my training schedule.  
i have spent a good deal of time on the treadmill, but have been fortunate enough to have run a good portion of my runs outdoors.  i even had a few 60 + degree days.  
(sorry to all my friends who are freezing up north!)

but then something happened... i ran my twenty mile run a week early
that run was one of those absolutely perfect runs.  you know the ones.  where the planets are aligned and everything feels great.  i actually finished that race and contemplated taking on that last 10K and calling it a marathon.  I had perfect temps, great company and held a pace that would have guaranteed my race day goal.  but i didn't do it.  i stuck with 20 miles, and then my brain took a vacation.  i didn't run for a full week.  
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Listen to your body.  Do not be a blind and deaf tenant.   –Dr. George Sheehan

 my body was tired. my mind was tired. my week was terribly over-scheduled.   i choose not to add extra stress to my already crazy week and listen to my body.  and you know what?  it was ok.  after taking a week off, my body felt rested and relaxed & ready to jump right back in to where my plan said i should be.

so for now, i say bring on my last high mileage week.  three 5 milers and a 20 miler.  
then its taper time.  woo hoo!

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  1. Way to go on the training! I have to say I was pretty excited to be able to run outside while I was down your way. The track I've been running on this winter is 20 laps per mile, so I am more than ready to get outside!