March 7, 2014


i wrote this post, and accidentally left it as a draft last week.  oops. so i'm gonna back date it so it falls where it was supposed to.  sorry :)
with my crazy work schedule, i can't always fit my long runs in over the weekend.  so a midweek long run it was... 18 miles.  there is something about those 18-20 mile runs during marathon training that are unnerving.  i've put in the time, built up the miles, and yet inevitably, i feel a sense of dread and uneasiness before these distances.   luckily, i had a friend who was willing to join in on the crazy!

almost all of the snow had melted except for a few really shay parts of the path, and we ended up doing three loops around the park.  the sun was trying to shine over the lake and the temp was just warm enough.

photo via
compare this run's view to the same lake on my long run a few weeks ago... spring is coming.  soon.

it feels good to have that run out of the way, and not be thinking about still fitting it in over the weekend.  and we finished in a pretty impressive time too {10:15 min/mile}. 
not too shabby!

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