February 18, 2014

Rain {freezing rain}, go away.

it is a rare occasion we are all home together. but yesterday thats just what we found.  and it was supposed to be mid 40's.  that is almost a heat wave after the negative and single digit temps we have been {barely} tolerating.  however, when we woke up we were welcomed by a downpour of freezing rain, and a thick sheet of ice. we scrapped our plans for any time outdoors, and took B bowling.

we went a few weeks back for a birthday party, and b loved it.  i wanted to take him again on a day where it wasn't as crowded and we weren't rushed for time.  and today was the winner.

we played two games, with brody beating me both times. 
i'm pretty sure i was the one that needed the bumpers.
after bowling we spent a short time in the arcade.   car racing and a motorcycle riding. such boys. 

however, we earned just enough tickets for a fancy pair of teeth! 
what have you been doing to keep from going stir crazy in this winter weather?!

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