February 17, 2014


i am coming up to some of the more challenging distances in my marathon training.  and coupling that with this cold, snowy winter we are having, marathon training for a spring race is proving to be much more difficult than i had anticipated. 
thursday, the high was anticipated to be 45*. with that kind of forecast, i certainly wasn't spending that kind of miles on a treadmill. i drove out to a local park {not really that local, as it was almost a 40 min drive} assuming the path would be plowed.  i was wrong. 
but i trudged out anyway. it was warm {ish} and even snow covered, it was better than a treadmill.
the long loop around the park is 5.5 miles. i made two full loops, and then added the small loop to finish my total distance.
that is the lake behind me, after loop # 2. 
by the end of the run, the path had turned into a slushy, melty mess. my socks and shoes were soaked, and i couldn't wait to get them off and get into some dry clothes. 
the after photo really doesn't do justice to how soggy it really was.  but... i did it. 15 miles. 
this weeks weather is supposed to be significantly more tolerable. let's hope so! 
runs this week are scheduled as 4, 7, 4 and 13.  
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