July 17, 2012

twenty one

woah.  in three months, we will have a two year old.  
how is that possible?

no one told me that toddlerhood was going to be so challenging.  he can go from happy and giggling to throwing a full on fit in 0.2 seconds.  it is exhausting!  
the best part about this age is that brody can tell us what he wants.  he is terribly independent, and is also a little ok, ALOT particular in what he wants.  i don't have any idea who he could have gotten that from :)
he is very verbal, and his speech is starting to take off.  he is going to school 4 days a week still, and is really doing well there.  his teachers have great things to say about him, and i can really see him making progress.  

the last time we were at the doctor (a sick visit, to check his ears) he weighed in at 23 pounds.  he is still growing like a weed, most of his pants are officially high waters.  He is wearing mostly size 18-24 clothes, 24 month pj's and a few pairs of 12 month shorts.  he is wearing size 5 shoes still, but we are getting pretty close to moving into the next size.  

favorite toys are still any and all vehicles.  he carries around either a truck, tractor or choo-choo at all times.  he sleeps with his elle (the elephant), a new puppy dog from pa-pa and his "B" (blanket).  he loves to watch Thomas and Chuck the Truck on Netflix (over and over and over again). 

 most days, b is a pretty good eater (when he isn't fighting teething).  favorites are yogurt, fruit, cheese, pretzels and most breakfast foods.  veggies are still difficult to get in, but there are a few that have become staples.  as far as we know, he is still allergic to eggs, and we can tell almost immediately by his skin if he has eaten something with egg in it.  he isn't a big fan of sweets, but i wont complain about that.  he sure doesn't take after me!
i sure do love this kid!

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  1. Great update. I'm sure his broccoli our green beans has to be seasoned and cooked down just like someone else he knows.