July 30, 2012


i know a few of you (ok, probably just my mother) were following along with my photo a day challenge.  
so, without further delay here are july's photos
(follow photos from left to right for headings)
self portrait - busy (enjoying the lake) - best part of my day (my bday dinner)
fun (on the 4th) - on the floor (my boys shoes) - chair
garden (or lack thereof) - lunch - big (big spender) 
my fav color (green) - letter (L) - texture (Brody's B)
open (on the open road) - building (a beer tower) - finger (bling)
sign (a sign that dinner was good) - addiction (why didn't i know about this stuff?) - plate (B's dinner)
animal/pet (best i could do) - eyes (B, close your eyes) - 9 o'clock (productive before 9am)
upside down (in the tub) - mirror (my laundry room) - a stranger (at the transportation museum)
heart - sunshine- on the road (the sun coming in my rear window)
cup - the last thing i bought (breakfast)
calm (baby yoga) - toothbrush (photo snapping on the go)

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