June 24, 2012

#photoadayjune: week 3+

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here is some more of the #junephotoaday challenge.  i think this catches us up so far.  only one more week left in june.  crazy. 
Day 15: yellow- {out on the river on Memorial Day} 
Day 16: Out and About {girls night out: dinner at olive garden with wendee!} 
Day 17: in your bag
Day 18: Something you may not know about me
Day 19: Imperfect {that extra one cent drives my OCD crazy!}
Day 20: fave photo you've ever taken {not fave ever, but one of the current top picks}
Day 21: Where I slept {is it time to redecorate yet?}
Day 22: view from a high angle
Day 23: Movement {go baby, go!}
only one more week left for the month of june.  i think i like this #photoaday challenge.  it inspires me to get a more interesting view when catching photos.  who knows, maybe i'll learn something!

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