June 7, 2012

#photoadayjune: week 1

first things first....are you on instagram?  i am finding this photo sharing app is a great motivator for my project365, which i have actually stuck with for 6 whole months!  follow me @tara_lin, & you will see a whole six months worth of adorable brody pics.  

for my brother is your disclaimer.  Do NOT follow me on instagram or you will immediately want to vomit from cute baby overload :)

for the month of june, i decided to jump on the #photoaday bandwagon.  i thought it would be an interesting way to challenge my photo taking of something other than brody, in case there is someone who wants to see something else...cough...jeff...cough, cough!!
here is the june challenge list:
Week 1
(okay, there will still be some brody.  can you blame me? he is pretty cute.)
day 1: morning
day 2: empty 
day 3: on your plate
day 4: close-up
day 5: sign - this is sign language for please
day 6: hat
day 7: drink

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