July 11, 2011

{nine months}

Yesterday my baby turned nine months old.  Nine whole months… that means he has been an 'outside baby' longer than it took to "cook" him.  Well, almost.  I try to forget that time where he was so comfortable that he decided he wanted to stay put a few days longer.  
Here is Brody nine months ago...
and now...
He is turning into such a little boy.  He's not my squishy little baby anymore.   He knows what he wants, and will work to get whatever it is he sees.  He gets upset when you take a toy away from him, and he is just starting with a little separation anxiety when he sees Momma but I'm not holding him.  

He has been 'cruising' (walking while holding onto the furniture) for a few weeks now, and will walk while holding onto our fingers.  He hasn't wanted anything to do with crawling... until today, that is.  Today he started a funny crawl/walk/scooting thing that gets him where he wants to go.  
on the move!
He has been eating 3 meals/day and continues to nurse every 3 hours during the day. He loves all the fruits and a chicken/apple/sweet potato mixture that he can't get enough of.  He is also interested in everything we are eating.  I think he is finally starting to put on weight.  I will be curious what he weighs at his 9 month check up on Thursday. 

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