July 18, 2011

9 month check up

Here's Brody's stats from his nine month check up...
16 lbs, 5 ounces -- 2nd Percentile
29 inches long -- 74th Percentile
I forgot to bring in his pacifier... he was not too happy after getting his shot!
We got a good report from Dr. Agolia.  He was happy with his milestones and even his weight.   Brody is finally following the growth curve for the 2nd percentile, so as long as he stays at least there the doctor isn't concerned.  We also got the go ahead to start eating other foods.  The only thing we have to avoid is honey and fish that contains mercury.  Brody has been loving it because he is much more interested in the foods that we are eating than all the mushy stuff I try to feed him!  

We don't go back for a well-check until our 1 year appointment.  Unfortunately, that will be here before I know it!

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