June 6, 2011

Kentucky Lake 2011

We spent the week before Memorial Day at Kentucky Lake with Jeremy, Wendee & their little boy Caleb.  We rented a house right on the lake with its own boat dock, pool and hot tub. 

We started our trip off by having lunch at Lambert’s Café.  We really enjoyed the  “Thrown Rolls”.  It was so fun to see them launch bread across the restaurant.  Not at all what I expected!They gave Brody a little toy roll to take home.  Cute idea, but I think it looks like butt cheeks!

We arrived at the lake Friday evening and took our time getting settled in.  Saturday morning we took Brody out on his first boat ride.  He did really well and didn’t even seem to mind the lifejacket (as long as he was being held and we were moving!).

We went on lots of boat rides, exploring the lake and checking out some of the coves.  Brody splashed around in the lake in the coves with daddy. 

We tried to make the best of the weather while we were there (lots of storms and the pool & lake water were freezing!) Brody really loves to be in the water, and didn’t seem to mind it being cold, of course we didn’t let him stay in very long either.  
With all the recent rainfall the lake had been pretty well flooded, but we made do with a rocky beach area for Brody to have his first experience with sand.

Aside from being invaded by mosquito’s the whole week and the few severe thunderstorms, we had a great time away!

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