June 16, 2011

8 months

Our little man is growing up!  He is rocking on his hands and knees like crazy, any day now he will be on the move!  He loves having his belly kissed and laughs hysterically.  He hates having his diaper changed, and cries as soon as you put him down on the changing table.  He has found his boy parts (typical boy)...  He says ma-ma-ma and a few ba-ba-ba's, but still working on the da-da's.  He weighs 15 lbs, 9.5 ounces and is gaining steadily.We are still doing some homemade baby foods, but have moved on to some table foods which he is doing really well with.  Favorites are yogurt, fruit and banana Baby Mum-Mums.  And watch out if you try to take a pickle away from him!
He is wearing 9 month jammies, and 12 month onesies.  Still in size 3-6 month pants, but they are starting to get a little short on him.  I had to move up to the next size in socks (12-24 months) for our little big-foot.  We've had to start buying some more clothes since Brody has gotten taller than Caleb already!

Time sure is flying by!

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