April 7, 2011


We got the go-ahead from the GI doctor to start feeding Brody solid foods.  We started with Gerber Organic Brown Rice Cereal, mixed with breastmilk and Polycose powder.  Polycose is a carbohydrate/sugar polymer that is intended to add calories to everyday foods.  This was prescribed by Dr. Nasir, to add to his meals twice a day. We are hoping this will help fatten up our "skinny minnie".
We have been putting him in the highchair while we eat dinner and he watches every bite of food we put into our mouth!  He was definitely ready for his own food.  
First taste...
He wasn't sure what to think
 Let me have another taste momma!
 Mmmmm.  Yummy!

The plan is to start with cereal once a day for a week, twice a day for a week, three times a day for a week and then introduce vegetables and fruits.  We held off on baby food for the last few months because babies with eczema tend to have a higher incidence of food allergies.  I didn't see any evidence of intolerance to the cereal, so I think we are in the clear so far!

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  1. I didn't start solids with either of the girls until they were six months. People thought I was crazy.....mostly the mother in law! Reese is a really good eater now!! When you wait for so long my pediatrician says you can move really fast through fruits and vegetables and add in the ones with meat! I am glad I am not the only "crazy" one out there!!