April 13, 2011

Brody's First Haircut

We took Brody to The Hairy Elephant for his first haircut. 

“At The Hairy Elephant children are put at ease from the moment they walk in the door.  Their appointment starts with a visit to Harry, the
 shampooing elephant. For their salon chair, they can select from a Jeep, sports car, airplane or traditional chair.  Each station is equipped with movie DVDs and video games to help pass the time. They can even keep their same
 stylist, visit after visit.”

So of course, Brody had to sit in the Jeep.  He knew just what to do, putting his hands on right on the steering wheel!
He let the stylist, Carrie, put the cape on and get right to work.

He even let her use the clippers.  Of course he was really interested in what was making that funny sound behind his head!
As you would expect, we took a ton of pictures of our baby with his big boy haircut.

Brody even got a certificate saying how good he was, with his little curls attached. 
Couldn't get a better picture of it...
And Momma didn’t even cry, even though I came pretty close with the first snip!!


  1. Love it!! I almost cried for you!! Tyler and Reese have NEVER had haircuts!!

  2. Jenna- I didn't want to get it cut but he was sporting this awful comb-over. Something had to be done! He has curly hair like me (and cody) so I am hoping that now that it is evened up we can have a head full of curls.

  3. Lookin' sharp little man! Great pics!!