December 6, 2010

Social Butterfly

Brody has had a busy social schedule this last week.  

We had a visit from Grandpa...

a playdate with Lucy...
(Please excuse Brody's bedhead, I can't do anything with that hair!)

a visit to see my friend Susan & beautiful Baby Emma at the hospital...
Emma Catherine Jones
Born 12-2-2010

This is Brody's Girlfriend!

we went to Caleb's house to play...
Brody and Caleb

and we took a long drive to play with Cooper...
What can I say... He likes the ladies!

  and visit with Candice...
Mommy & Brody with Cooper & Candice
I told you he has had quite the busy schedule!

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  1. Brody and Emma are going to make such a cute couple! :)