December 14, 2010

Is anyone there?!?

I just was wondering if anyone out there is actually reading this? Leave some comments PLEASE so I know you're out there and I'm not wasting my time here! tell me what you want to read about or see pictures of...

and Susan,you are exempt. I know you read because you do leave comments! :)



  1. Please please please don't stop blogging!! I love keeping up on you and Brody. I check it everyday!! Sorry I don't keep my blog as updated!!

  2. LOL!!!!! I feel the same way about my blog...sometimes I think Kev and I are the only ones who look at it! I get on here every couple days or so to look and see if you have anything new. Love you guys!! :)

  3. I love reading your blog-you do such a great job! :) Keep it up! (we have been horrible since Quinn arrived, so I'm a little jealous!) :)