August 15, 2010

BBQ Baby Shower

Yesterday, we had our Couples BBQ shower.  Jeremy and James did most of the planning, and we had a great time.  Unfortunately, it was abut 150° outside, but we still managed to have a good time.
Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Here are some pics for your enjoyment:
Cody is really excited!
Mommy and Daddy
I even let Cody open a few gifts
Doesn't everyone want one of these as a gift?!

Brody's Chair, from my Momma.  

Check out Brody's goods!  He did good.  
Me and my brother, Jeff.
Beer on a Stick
Team 1: Cody and Bryant
Beer on a Stick 
Team 2: Mike and James
GeriAnn made our cake, it was SOOO good!
Steak, Burgers and Hot Dogs.  Yum.  

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  1. Hey Tara, You look great!! I was just wandering if you have gotten any sort of baby carrier. I have a sleepy wrap and I love it and I would love to get Brody one!! You can check out and see if it is something you want so I can get it for you!!! I hate when people buy impractical things I don't want, so I always ask first!!! Just let me know!