July 24, 2010

Summer Class = Finished and 29 weeks Pregnant

Here is your all important belly pic.  I know I have been slacking: 
And... At 29 weeks, Brody is as big as a Butternut Squash.  Can't you see the resemblance:

I have worked really hard this summer, and am so happy to say that everything is finished.  My group project has been finalized, and each group member has given permission for the paper to be submitted.  I did my group evaluation form and finished up all my module questions.  Hooray!

I have exactly ONE month off before fall classes start, so that means it is crunch time for all Baby Brody business.  I of course have grand plans of everything I want to get accomplished this month, however right now all I want to do is take a nap!

Plans include:
Brody Related Items:
1. finish hanging the closet doors
2. hang the curtain rod and curtains
3. wall decorations and shelfs
4. getting glass cut for the top of the changing table
5. finding an end table to put next to the rocker
6. Baby Shower
7. Maternity Pictures
8. Reading the natural childbirth, breast feeding and parenting books I have been putting off
9. Taking a childbirth class??

Miscellaneous Stuff:
1. Paint our bedroom
2. Finish painting the bathroom
3. Massive cleaning and organizing of our house - I think I used up all my energy nesting at Wendee's!
4. Finish my marathon scrapbook
5. Have Laura teach me how to digital scrapbook
6. Get a massage

It sounds like I had better get moving, huh?

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