December 18, 2009

Three in a row...

I had three very wonderful days off, in a row!  No big deal you say?  My class is over for the semester (I got an A by the way), my Christmas shopping is finished, and my laundry is done.  Now, do you see why it was so wonderful?!?!  

So, what did I do with myself for 3 whole days?  I worked out.  A lot.  I read a book.  I addressed Christmas Cards.  I had lunch with my dad at Bread Co.  I met Erin for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  Drove all the way to Cape with Cody to buy a part for the Jeep.  Had dinner with Candice & Ryan.

I am working this weekend, but then have three more days in a row off next week. Unfortunately, that means that I am working both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   I just keep thinking about how nice next week will be!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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