August 14, 2014


several months ago, i learned about a company called fashionABLE.  i was really intrigued by their mission, and how i knew that my purchase was specifically helping to make a difference in someones life.  
i immediately followed all of fashionABLE's social media accounts, but it was several months before i actually made a purchase.  
my first two fashionABLE purchases. 
the company hosts a fashionABLE friday contest every week, where you can tag your photos of how you style your fashionABLE scarf.  i was so happy to have been selected as a weekly winner with the photo above! 

{here are a few other ways i have styled my scarves}
and it always seem to be with my denim jacket... strange. 
excuse the beer.  or not :)    
here are the two items i selected with my winning credits.  a purple scarf, and a gold leather bracelet.  

it makes me feel good to be making a difference. 
i am going to buy things anyway...this way i'm helping others as well.  
give them a try.  do something good.

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