April 16, 2014


it's been pretty quiet over here.  
here are some photos of whats been going on in our little neck of the woods!
i am 10 days away from my marathon.  i am getting excited but a little nervous as well.  there has been lots of runs over the last several weeks.  i have stuck to my training plan pretty well, so here's hoping it goes well!

we have been taking advantage of the warmer weather, trying to spend lots of time outside!

we took a camping trip to the lake.  and enjoyed some sunny {but super windy} days on the lake.  went on lots of bike rides, and just enjoyed some family time together, away from home.  

we also finally got around to painting our master bedroom.  this has been in the plans for months.  i am so glad to have it finished.  it is nice to have a fresh blank slate, and i'm looking forward to doing some decorating! I've been working on a bedroom makeover board pinterest... we'll see what ideas i end up using.  decorating is not something i am very good at!
what have you been up to lately?!

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