September 16, 2012

ummm, 22 months

well, now that brody is 23 months old, i'm guessing maybe i should get around to posting some of the pics from his 22 month photo shoot.  i know someday way down the line, i will be so glad i documented these every month, and i won't remember that they were so far behind anyways! 
so, at 22 months, here's whats going on...

brody is getting so tall.  all of his pants are getting too short.  good thing its still so warm out and we are dressing him in shorts every day.  i can't wait until his 2 year check up to see how tall he is and how much he weighs these days.  
he is wearing 24 month pjs, 12-18 month shorts and 18-24 month shirts.  we bought 24 month onesies for his photo shoot, but they were still too big.  by the time fall comes around, i feel that we will need mostly 24 month to 2t sizes.  

his vocabulary is blooming, and we are able to understand much of what he says.  he is stringing multiple words together and can pretty much get across whatever he wants us to know.  

at school, brody has graduated from a sippy cup and is now drinking out of a big boy cup all the time.  we are still working on moving to that full time at home (mostly because momma doesn't want to clean up the messes).  eating habits have been interesting over the past month.  when he likes something, he eats really well, but he isn't a big fan of veggies at all.  favorites right now include hot dogs (turkey dogs), cheese, yogurt and pretzels.  he is still a good milk drinker, and also loves water (and ice).

naps are still in the picture.  hooray! 1 1/2 to 2 hours typically.  he is still in his crib at home, but sleeps on a cot during his 4 days at school.  typical bedtime is between 7:45 and 8:00 pm, and he sleeps until about 7am.  we are very thankful he has always been such a good sleeper.  
we will be back soon with another update for 23 months.

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