March 28, 2012

Last Weekend's Happenings!

I started this post on Monday, but never got around to posting it.  Better late than never, right? 

Here's our weekend in pictures!
 We babysat for our neighbors for a few hours, and Colin and Brody hung out and watched some Blue’s Clues. 
Our good friend  Hayley turned 4 this week, and we celebrated with a family pool party at the Renaud Spirit Center.  B hadn’t been back since his swimming lessons last spring.  He really enjoyed the water. 

Saturday night, my mom kept Brody and Cody and I went out for a ‘date night’.  We had dinner at Outback, had went to Blue Sky Café for drinks until it was time for our movie.  We had planned a 9:45 movie, but were getting pretty tired so we headed back home instead! 
Brody and I lounged around most of the morning while Daddy worked on mowing the lawn and cleaning up the yard.  Later, we had a few friends over for BBQ and enjoyed the beautiful weather out on the patio.

 Brody played in our neighbors sandbox with the big boys
 Cody’s buddy Hayley. 
And he loved swinging and being pushed by his little friends

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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