January 2, 2012

Family Christmas 2012

We celebrated our family Christmas on December 26th, 2011.  Cody had to work Christmas weekend, so we waited just one more day to celebrate.  We had a lovely lunch and opened tons of presents.  Brody must have been really good this year!
 Brody in his fancy Christmas Sweater
 opening gifts with daddy
the big hit present, the cell phone from grandma 
robert thinking "jackpot"! 
Brody and Papa 
Brody with Grammy & Pa-Pa 
Brody and Grandma 
 playing a mean game of pass the trash.  We sort of forgot about the "annual" wii bowling tournament.  Good thing this would have been the 2nd annual.  Maybe it should be a  Bi-annual Wii bowling tournament and we will do it again next year.  
 getting a ride from Uncle Patrick
we didn't know which camera to look at!
 Brody's Present from Santa

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