September 10, 2011

Eleven months

In 11 month old Brody news:
He has 4 top teeth and is (finally) starting to cut his two bottom teeth. He has been a fussy little man for a few days, but they are almost through, so I hope he’s back to his happy go lucky self soon!
It is getting almost impossible to take a good picture anymore, as he doesn't stay in one place long enough!  
He is walking holding on to everything, and really only uses our hands fingers for support.
He is nursing 4 times a day, eating three meals and snacks.  We are still working with the sippy cup, and have started offering whole milk (Horizon Organics) at meal times.  He really isn’t drinking much of it, but I wanted him to start to get used to the taste before we start weaning him from breast milk.  
We are really starting to see Brody try to "figure things out".  He will bring you his toys if you ask him to and put them into your hand.  He "shares" his food with you, points to what he wants, brings books to you to read to him.  He is saying mama, dada, and baba (which so far has been used to describe books, ball, doggie, cup, baby).  He knows what sound a doggie makes (woof) , and will growl when you ask him what an alligator says (what does an alligator say, by the way?) 
I am just enjoying him so much, and am getting pretty excited about his first birthday party planning that is underway!

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