August 8, 2011

Oklahoma Adventure

Brody and I took a road trip to Oklahoma at the end of July to visit my friend Kristen and her family.

Kristen's little girl is just three weeks younger than Brody.

Brody must not have liked what Quinn had to say! 
Here is Quinn's older brother Tate...
And the only picture I have of Kristen's Hubby.  Sorry Eric!
We had a such a good time.  We drove up on Saturday and headed home on Monday morning.  We went out for Mexican Saturday night then stayed up way too late talking and laughing.  Sunday morning, Brody napped (since he refused to sleep in the pack-n-play at night) and I had some much needed quiet time while the Van Scharrell family went to church.  We had pizza for lunch, then went out for self serve frozen yogurt (which is the best.invention.ever)
Brody loved it!
Brody is a great traveler.  He slept most of the trip, and when he was awake he played with his toys and tried to chew on his socks and feet (gross, I know!)  We are really looking forward to going on lots more adventures. 

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