June 12, 2010

Back to the grind

This week marked my first week back in classes.  I really enjoyed my time off, but I know that each class I take will have me that much closer to my master's degree.  This semester I am taking Advanced Nursing Role Acquisition, which is about adjusting the new responsibilities of an advanced practice nurse.  It appears to be pretty reading intensive, so I am assuming I will be spending most of the hot summer sitting inside reading.  

In Baby Brody news...
This week, the baby is as big as an ear of corn
He should be measuring 8.5 inches and weigh about 1.5 pounds

I am now 23 weeks along (almost 6 months).  We have a doctors appointment Monday, which will consist of:
1. a really long wait in the waiting room
2. getting weighed (yuck), and having my blood pressure taken
3. measuring how big my belly is getting (which is really big!)
4. hearing the baby's heart rate on the doppler (hopefully)
5. any questions for the doctor.

Here is a list of our recent Brody related accomplishments:
1. We registered at Baby's R US and Target 
2. the crib is here and put together
3. my jog stroller is here and put together (Thanks to REI for doing that!)
4. the furniture is painted 
5. the crib bedding has been ordered

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