May 10, 2010

Wendee's Baby Shower

First, I will start with a hilarious 'Loveless' photo for you.    

This picture cracks me up!
18 weeks, 2 days

Saturday, we (along with some help from Stephanie, Melissa, Derrick and Dan) hosted Wendee & Jeremy's Couples Shower welcoming Baby Caleb.  We had a great time BBQ-ing together and then split up so the boys could play washers/ladder golf and the girls could play the traditional baby shower games and watch Wendee open presents.  It was a great time.  

In my opinion (not that anyone asked me!) both parents are having a baby so they should both be a part of the celebration.  

Melissa, Mama Wendee, Me, Stephanie

Mommy, Daddy and Baby Caleb

Girly Baby Shower versus Guys Baby Shower

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  1. I love the idea of a couples shower...that way it is more like a party. ('Cause we all know how I feel about showers and games! LOL!) I think that is what we would like to do!