April 12, 2010

First comes love, then comes marriage, then...

We are excited to be welcoming a new Loveless family member in October!  I am almost 15 weeks along, and the doctor says we are both checking out perfectly.  My due date is estimated for October 7, 2010.  The baby has a strong, healthy heartbeat and was moving all over the place.  The ultrasound tech tried to find out the gender, but he/she wasn't interested and just kept turning away from the camera.  I am scheduled to go back for another ultrasound May 17th, so hopefully there will be a little more cooperation that day!

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  1. Tara, That was the last thing I expected on the blog today!!! SOOOOOOO excited for you and Cody!!! Keep me post on how everything is going!! I hope you have a perfect pregnancy!! You are going to have to start posting belly pics soon!!!!