March 17, 2010

Catching up

The last month has been more than busy.  My nursing theory class is taking much more effort than I have been wanting to put in!  I have about 8 more weeks of class left, but a lot more work to go in those 8 weeks.  
I have been down with a bad cold for a little over a week.  Today I finally drug myself off the couch and to the park for a walk.  It is amazing how out of shape you feel after being sick.  The good news is the weather was beautiful, sun was shining and I saw tulips and daffodils starting to pop up around the park.

We have been shopping for a few more pieces of furniture.  First is a tv stand to hold our new tv.  We are going to be putting the one we have now down into the basement, and are anxiously awaiting the delivery of our new one.  We found an entertainment stand that we both agree on, and have been on a search for a king size bed frame.  It is time for a new mattress as the one I have now is the one I bought before I went to college (the first time...) Wish us luck!  
Here are the pics of our prospects: 

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