February 7, 2010

Weekly Update

My mom had knee surgery last week.  She did really well, and she spent the week at my house recovering. I really wish my mom didn't live so far away, it was nice spending time with her. 

Workouts this week: 
Mon: Stretching + abs
Tues: 3 mile treadmill run + 90 min power yoga
Wed: Body Pump strength training + 750 m Swim
Sat: 60 min spin class
Sun: 15 min Elliptical + 60 minute power yoga

I am really ready for spring to get here!  I am really enjoying all the body pump, spinning classes and swimming I am doing, but I am really missing my outdoor runs.  The treadmill is just plain torture!  I guess that means that I am not a REAL runner, or I would be bundling up and hitting the road huh?  Maybe if they would plow the path at the park, or it would just stop snowing I would go.  Maybe!

Hope everyone has a safe, healthy week!

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